CADES: Centralized Architecture, Design & Engineering Services


CADES: Centralized Architecture, Design & Engineering Services.​

CADES has saved millions of dollars for each subsidiary by simply standardizing on systems, applications, and hardware while streamlining both Architecture, Design, and Engineering Services. For example: Avangrid (incorporated in the U.S. and owned by Iberdrola SA, a global energy operator) owns and operates fourteen utilities under the Avangrid brand in the United States. 


These utilities have been acquired over the years through various mergers and acquisitions. Each utility is regulated by local State and Federal laws. Until recently, each utility had its own budget; therefore, its own program management office, architecture, design and engineering services. 


This creates a series of challenges such as duplication of services and OT/IT support processes, disparate hardware which require resources with different skillsets to manage and maintain. The adoption of Ironclad and its service catalog enables standardization of hardware and software across the enterprise; thus, saving utilities millions of dollars through “lean operations”; this is confirmed via an independent opinion of cost study.

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“ We must take an IronClad™ Blue-Sky approach… Design, Architect, and Build a completely new infrastructure, a new ship, sail it next to old ship, converge only essential assets, and let the old ship sink!…”