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In line with our mission to promote economic and social impact, we have devised a sustainable cybersecurity solution that benefits non-profit organizations, minority companies, and municipalities. We understand that many non-profits struggle to allocate sufficient funds for implementing state-of-the-art security controls across their organization due to the high costs associated with cybersecurity resources and solutions.

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Two pioneering forces in their respective industries, the 5th Element Group and Cloud Fortress, PBC, have joined hands in a landmark partnership that is set to redefine the landscape of secure and innovative design. This collaboration combines the visionary expertise of the 5th Element Group, known for their cutting-edge solutions, with Cloud Fortress, PBC’s unwavering commitment to ensuring security in an increasingly digital world.

The partnership between the 5th Element Group and Cloud Fortress, PBC brings together a unique blend of creativity and cybersecurity prowess. The 5th Element Group, renowned for their innovative approach and dynamic strategies, has consistently pushed boundaries to deliver solutions that shape the future. Cloud Fortress, PBC, on the other hand, has demonstrated an exceptional track record in providing robust security measures, setting industry standards for digital protection.

At the heart of this partnership lies a shared vision to foster secure innovation. By merging the innovative design capabilities of the 5th Element Group with Cloud Fortress, PBC’s comprehensive security protocols, the collaboration seeks to create a new paradigm for products and solutions that seamlessly integrate creativity and protection.

“Today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape demands a holistic approach to design—one that not only thrives on innovation but also ensures uncompromising security,” said [Spokesperson’s Name], [Title] at the 5th Element Group. “Our partnership with Cloud Fortress, PBC signifies our commitment to raising the bar, setting new benchmarks for design that inspire, captivate, and above all, safeguard.”

[Spokesperson’s Name], [Title] at Cloud Fortress, PBC, emphasized the significance of this collaboration: “The synergy between our two organizations is undeniable. This partnership is an embodiment of our shared dedication to not only stay ahead of threats but to anticipate them through design that is both inventive and fortified.”

The union of the 5th Element Group’s forward-thinking creativity and Cloud Fortress, PBC’s unyielding security measures is poised to drive innovation across industries, from technology and manufacturing to healthcare and beyond. This collaboration comes at a pivotal moment, as businesses and individuals seek solutions that bridge the gap between imagination and protection.


Innovative Collaboration for Secure Modular and Eco-Friendly ICT Data Center Design: Cloud Fortress PBC and The 5th Element Group Forge Strategic Partnership

Scranton, Pennsylvania, August 10, 2023 — Two visionary leaders, Cloud Fortress, PBC and The 5th Element Group PBC, have embarked on a groundbreaking partnership poised to reshape secure and innovative on-premise data center solutions with fully integrated physical and cybersecurity controls. This alliance brings together Cloud Fortress, PBC’s world-renowned expertise ICT Private Cloud Architecture, with The 5th Element Group’s strategic focus on impact investing, frontier technology, and humanity.

At the core of this momentous collaboration is Cloud Fortress, PBC’s revolutionary Integrated and Secure Hyperconverged Private Cloud Data Center Design, and its Cybersecurity talent pipeline. This pioneering design integrates over 600 security controls into its architecture, setting an industry precedent for the highest level of data protection; currently deployed across the northeast to protect critical infrastructure and now commercially available. This innovation not only emphasizes creativity but also guarantees uncompromising security in the digital age.

According to Paulo Silva, CEO of Cloud Fortress, PBC, “Our partnership with The 5th Element Group is a testament to our commitment to advancing the realm of secure data center design and cybersecurity monitoring. We believe that innovation should never come at the expense of security. This collaboration stands as a beacon of how cutting-edge solutions and unwavering security measures can coalesce to create a new standard.”

Mark Sadovnick, Spokesperson for The 5th Element Group, shared his insights on this milestone: “For us, this partnership is about merging vision and impact. Our global brain trust network, recognized by Forbes, aligns seamlessly with Cloud Fortress, PBC’s mission to drive innovation without compromising on security. The collective capabilities of our two entities have the potential to revolutionize the speed at which we can deploy fully operational data centers to replace old-legacy infrastructure.”

Cloud Fortress, PBC’s Integrated Security Hyperconverged Private Cloud Data Center Design, and The 5th Element Group’s strategic expertise in impact investing and frontier technology converge to forge an alliance that transcends traditional boundaries. This collaboration promises to foster secure innovation in diverse sectors, elevating businesses and individuals toward an era of heightened protection and ingenuity.