Ironclad Saves FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES millions

of dollars in losses from cyber-attacks with one solution


IroncladThe World’s First Integrated Hyperconverged Private Cloud Solution; A Purpose-Built Secure Design Platform Solving IT/OT Convergence Security Concerns, And Increasing Reliability And Resiliency In The U.S. Bulk Electrical Power System.

In Addition, Provides A Long-term Fresh-Start Risk-based Design Framework, Enabling The Complete  Upgrade Of Critical Infrastructure Systems And Telecommunications While Increasing Shareholder Value Through A Perpetual CAPEX/OPEX Model.

Sector Legacy
Infrastructure Challenges

Single-Point-Failure legacy network

Decentralized design

Dated hardware not
meeting standards

Existence of threats

Increase of threats
over time

Multitude of regulations, standards, executive orders

New regulations, standards and executive orders over time

Many compliance departments
with their own budgets

Lack of technology life cycle management

Multiple instances of the same threat investigations occurring

Ironclad Solutions

Network Physical Reliability

Centralized data center

Modern certified devices and solutions

Secured, brand new equipment

Up-to-Date threat detection
and protection

Unified Governance

Compliance Management

Analysis and Monitoring
of equipment life

Seamless threat sharing capability