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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation
with Managed CloudFortress Hosting

CloudFortress powered by Ironclad® is built around a simple resource-based pricing model. Get started with only the resources you need now, and scale as your needs grow. There are no per-VM fees*, and the number of VMs you can deploy is limited only by the resources you have available.

CloudFortress makes cloud adoption easy with a managed solution that doesn’t require specialized Ironclad® knowledge. CloudFortress helps growing businesses seamlessly transition from traditional hosting to a more secure, highly available virtualized environment, and enables existing MicroCloud users to easily migrate their workloads to a more cost-effective and fully managed infrastructure.

Whether you’re consolidating resources to reduce costs, modernizing your infrastructure to better serve customers through increased performance, reliability and security, or simply adding scalability in anticipation of future growth, you’ll find the perfect hosted Ironclad® solution with CloudFortress.

Enterprise-Grade CloudFortress Hosting for SMBs

MicroCloud Hosting Without the Complexity

We monitor and manage your entire virtual data center, including hardware, VMs, and the cloud platform itself so you can focus on your applications.

Predictable Resource-Based Pricing

Buy only the resources you need and scale vCPUs, RAM, and storage as you grow, without having to add additional hardware.

Highly Available Infrastructure

CloudFortress is built on fully redundant enterprise-grade hardware with automatic failover to ensure uptime for business-critical workflows.

High Performance Networking & Storage

Ironclad® CloudFortress includes fast 10Gb networking and high-performance NetApp SAN storage.

Protection for Critical Workloads and Data

A secure firewall and standard DDoS protection are included with CloudFortress. Integrated Acronis backups are available.

Horizontal Web Scaling

Scale wider by adding additional web nodes with file replication and load balancing to accommodate more traffic as your needs grow.

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Power Your Critical Workloads with CloudFortress

CloudFortress is ideal for:

Consolidation of Hosted & On-Prem Infrastructure

Moving traditional hosting and on-prem infrastructure into a hosted MicroCloud allows SMBs to streamline operations and modernize workflows while reducing overall IT costs.

SMBs typically benefit across four key areas:

  • Centralized management of resources
  • Faster provisioning and deployment
  • Increased flexibility for demanding workloads
  • Reduced operating and hardware costs

Get a 7-Point Infrastructure Assessment – Free

Work 1-on-1 with a hosting engineer to analyze your current infrastructure’s performance, security and fault tolerance to identify gaps and additional ways to optimize. Could you save money month after month by switching to CloudFortress? Find out, then decide for yourself.

SaaS, ERP, & Application Hosting

CloudFortress is the preferred choice for software and application hosting needs.

SaaS companies, software developers, ERP and VoIP vendors rely on CloudFortress to achieve:

  • Maximum uptime on high-availability infrastructure with automated failover
  • Excellent performance with automatic load balancing across nodes on enterprise-grade hardware
  • Highly secure hosting with single-tenant isolation, dedicated firewall, and full networking control
  • Rapid deployment and effortless scalability
  • Complete control of resource allocation and predictable, resource-based pricing

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Reseller Hosting

Resellers can grow their hosting business by offering CloudFortress to their customers, or providing public or MicroCloud solutions on our infrastructure.

CloudFortress provides resellers with:

  • Fully Managed hosting solutions with 24/7/365 support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Multiple revenue-based incentives

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