iRAC/xSOC and Risks Analysis Services:

Ironclad® provides Extended SOC Solutions (xSOC) as a service with a man- aged open XDR (eXtended Detection and Response) and operational risk analysis designed to enhance existing SOC models, with services like threat hunting and response, attack surface coverage, and cybersecurity services that are highly adaptive.


Ironclad, our unique Secure Airgap and Zero Trust Private Cloud Platform, sets us apart as an on-premises alternative to AWS and Azure. Our Extended Security Operations Center Services (xSOC) is robust. Forbes has recognized us as a global “brain trust” network capable of forming innovative partnerships that enhance the growth and security of your business, attract top talent, and positively impact society and the environment. Ironclad® is essential for businesses aiming to retake control of critical data securely.

We offer a complete, customized ICT infrastructure solution that’s pre-configured and assembled offsite, then delivered as a turnkey system to Equinix or your preferred colocation site. is a Secure, Airgap, and Zero Trust Private Cloud powered by Ironclad®.

Key Features:


Secure, Airgap, and Zero Trust Private Cloud Architecture


Efficient Expansion of Physical and Cybersecurity Operations (Monitoring, Response, and Reporting)


Customized Environments for AI Application Development


Seamless Migration of Mission-Critical Applications to On-Premise Solution


Inexpensive Lab-Ready Environments for SAP, Oracle, ERP, SCM, HRMS, POS, and ICS/SCADA


Containerization via Docker and Kubernetes


Immersion Cooling Technology with "Dynamic Thermal Modules" (Energy Savings)


Trusted by Leading Utilities, Healthcare, Credit Unions, and Oil and Gas Industries in the U.S.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, our partnership with client organizations contributes to the UN-SDG by creating social and economic impact through non-profit collaborations.

What is

The World’s First Integrated Airgap, Zero-Trust, Hyperconverged Private Cloud Solution. It’s a purpose-built secure design platform addressing the challenges of IT/OT/IoT convergence, cybersecurity, and costly public cloud providers. Our design includes a comprehensive 3000-page systems integration blueprint and runbook, prioritizing security by design to enhance ICT infrastructures’ reliability and resilience while facilitating the migration of mission-critical applications from public clouds onto a privately owned infrastructure. Ironclad is the sole holistic on-premise alternative to AWS and Azure, operated and managed by us but owned and controlled by the customer. Ironclad® saves companies millions of dollars by significantly reducing engineering and systems integration costs while eliminating several cybersecurity attack surfaces through intelligence design and engineering solutions. The ICT Infrastructure is delivered with the iRAC Intelligent Risk Analytics Center (iRAC), combining operational risk management, physical security, and cyber security in one dashboard (iRAC), replacing the traditional SOC model with integrated AI solutions and improved cybersecurity automation.

The implementation timelines are shorter, with companies achieving highly secure, 100% active-active redundant data centers within 12 months. These data centers include over 600 security controls, numerous policies and procedures, a service catalog, and Service Now. Regain data control by hosting your mission-critical applications on our Cloud secure private cloud infrastructure, or we can build one for you!